Paul Cohen (arr)- Renaissance Book II

This sequel ot my original Renaissance Book (Galaxy Music) continues to sample songs and dances of different Renaissance Masters. These works are adapted for SATB saxophone quartet, a particularly viable medium for this music. The quartet's flexible tone quality can easily approach the vocal or instrumental timbres of the day, and a consort of saxophones continues the tradition of renaissance consort playing, be it of viols, shawms, sackbutts, recorders, or voices.

Each work is a miniature masterpiece imbued with a freshness, directness and beauty wonderfully characteristic of this period. Although not difficult on a technical level, the musical and formal intracacies present challenges to musicians of all levels and experiences. Tempo indications, dynamics, phrases, and articulations are all editorial. They are meant as suggestions, and performers should change them according to their own musical intuitions and knowledge of style.

For more authentic guidelines, listen to the performances and recordings of fine early music ensembles. Cultivate the quality of quiet playing. This will best reveal the modal and rhythmic subtleties of the music. And be gentle with the use of vibrato, whose excessive use can detract from the profound, simple beauties of the music.

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