The title of my Terzetto distinguishes it from other works of mine for three players, several of which employ one or more saxophones (e.g. the Trio Estatico for alto and tenor saxophones and piano and the Lyric Trio for tenor saxophone, viola and piano). The subtitle indicates that the four movements were originally separate pieces (the middle two composed in 2001 and the others in 2002) later unified to emphasize their inherent contrasts of lyric and dynamic moods, and also the fact that four different performers share the dedication.

Walter Hartley

Walter Hartley (born February 21, 1927, Washington, D.C.) began composing at age five and became seriously dedicated to it at sixteen. All his college degrees are from the Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester. He received his Ph.D. in composition there in 1953. Some of his teachers were Burrill Phillips, Thomas Canning, Herbert Elwell, Bernard Rogers, Howard Hanson and Dante Fiorillo.

At present he is Professor Emeritus of Music and Composer-in-Residence at State University College, Fredonia, N.Y. He also taught piano, theory and composition at the National Music Camp (now Interlochen Arts Camp) at Interlochen, Michigan from 1956 to 1964.

His list of acknowledged works is now over 200, dating from 1949 on, and most of these are published. He is a member of the American Society for Composers, Authors and Publishers, from which he has received an annual award for achievement in serious music since 1962. A large and significant number of these are for wind instruments, especially low brasses and saxophones, including every member of the the saxophone family in solo and ensemble works.

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