Lawson Lunde- Sonata for Soprano Saxophone

Lawson Lunde (b. 1935) is a Chicago based composer and pianist whose numerous compositions for saxophone are noted for their lyricism and rhythmic energy. As a pianist he appeared at the age of 14 with the Chicago Symphony, and he later studied composition with Vittorio Rieti and Robert Delaney. His published works for saxophone include a sonata for alto, plus works for unaccompanied alto and a duo for alto and tenor. To the Fore Publishers is privileged to offer for the first time his Sonata for Soprano Saxophone and Piano Op. 37 ("Alpine") and the Suite for Saxophone Quartet Op. 11.

The first movement of the soprano saxophone sonata was originally sketched as a work for flute and piano and was played in that form at an informal concert at the Alpine Resort in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin (where I was serving as the bandleader at the time). I set it aside for a considerable length of time but turned to it again at a time when I was already considering trying to fill what seemed to be a void by writing a work for soprano. It immediately struck me that the music I had already written was better suited for this instrument than for flute, so in 1970 I revised it and added a Finale.

Lawson Lunde

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