Percy Grainger-Shepherd's Hey (SAATB)

My arrangement of Shepherd's Hey for SAATB saxophone ensemble attempts to extend Grainger's interest and tradition of saxophone writing to some of his more popular works. This version follows Grainger's instrumentation for Lisbon, and can be played in a set along with my arrangements of Spoon River and Irish Tune from County Derry. Shepherd's Hey is an English folk tune collected in 1906 from the playing of the fiddler of the Bidford Morris Dancers by the English musicologist Cecil Sharp. The word "Hey" denotes a particular dance routine used in Morris Dancing.

Grainger arranged Shepherd's Hey for different ensembles, including orchestra, band, two pianos and chamber ensemble. For sheer charm and high spirits it is one of his most successful works. It is my hope that the unique vibrancy and brilliance of Grainger's writing is maintained in my adaptation, and that players will imbue the music with the spirit and enjoyment for which Grainger was known.

Paul Cohen

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