Chris DeBlasio- Prelude and Fugue

Written for the Swedish saxophonist Anders Paulsson and bassist Red Mitchell, Prelude and Fugue is the second of two of works by Chris DeBlasio featuring the soprano saxophone. Music for a Short Subject (soprano saxophone and organ), the first of this series, is also published by To the Fore Publishers.

Chris DeBlasio (1959-1993) was one of America's versatile and gifted young composers. He wrote for the stage and the chamber music salon in addition to creating sacred works of soaring beauty and songs of dark humor. He began composing at six and went on to study composition at the Manhattan School of Music where his teachers included John Corigliano and Giampaolo Bracali.

Prelude and Fugue is edited by the American organist Harry Huff and saxophonist Anders Paulsson.

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