Calvin Hampton- Concerto for Saxophone Quartet Strings and Percussion

Calvin Hampton was born in Kittanning, Pennsylvania in 1938, and was raised in in Ravenna, Ohio. He received his musical training at Oberlin Conservatory and Syracuse University where he studied organ and composition. From 1974 to 1983 Mr. Hampton was organist and choirmaster at the Parish of Calvary, Holy Communion, and St. George in New York City. During that time he played weekly concerts at the Cavalry Church in New York City, a series internationally acclaimed.

Calvin Hampton's compositions have been widely played throughout the United States. Prolific and eclectic, he utilized diverse elements and mediums drawing on classical, folk, jazz, gospel and popular musics. In 1977 the New York Philharmonic performed the "Concerto for Saxophone Quartet, Strings and Percussion" and in 1980 the Minneapolis National Convention of the American Guild of Organists commissioned and premiered his "Concerto for Organ and Strings." The "Concerto for Saxophone Quartet, Strings and Percussion" received just three performances, the last, in an expanded revised version, occuring in 1977. The manuscripts were then lost until 1994 when saxophonist Paul Cohen, working with Marcella Pambrun from the Hampton estate reclaimed the scattered manuscripts and realized the final version that is published for the first time.

Mr. Hampton died from complications due to AIDS on August 5, 1984, in Port Charlotte, Florida.

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