Alexander Borodin- Peasant's Chorus

Chorus of the Peasants is taken from Alexander Borodin's monumental opera Prince Igor. Borodin (1833-1887) wrote the opera over the last 18 years of his life and left the work unfinished. Prince Igor was later finished by two of Borodin's colleagues, Alexander Glazunov and Nicolas Rimsky-Korsakov. The Chorus of the Peasants, bewailing their imminent demise by the oncoming Huns, utilizes a stirring Slavonic melody which is typical of Borodin's highly idiomatic writing style.

The chorus was transcribed from a recording and arranged for seven saxophones by David W. Middleton who was moved by the haunting melody, beautiful harmonies and transparent counterpoint of the piece. The vocal quality of the saxophone completely captures the essential nuances of the music.

David W. Middleton is a saxophonist and part-time writer/arranger who studies, works and lives in New York City.

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