Henry Cowell- "60"

Henry Dixon Cowell (1897-1965) was one of the most respected and innovative American composers in this century. His contribution to contemporary music was enormous, having pioneered such new techniques as piano tone clusters, compositional models of elastic form and structural indeterminacy, and new notational systems. In addition to his eclectic and prodigious output of over 1000 works, he was an energetic champion of contemporary music. In 1927 he founded and edited the publication New Music Quarterly (which published Jacobo Fischer's Sonatine for trumpet, alto saxophone and piano), and he helped establish the Pan American Association of Composers, a far-reaching organization dedicated to performing new music. Cowell was also a close personal friend of both Percy Grainger and Charles Ives and vigorously supported their music. In conjunction with his wife, Sidney, he wrote the first Ives biography, Charles Ives and his Music in 1955.

Cowell's works for saxophone include Sailor's Hornpipe for AATB quartet, Air and Scherzo for alto saxophone and piano or chamber orchestra (written for Sigurd Rascher) and now, published for the first time, 60 for SAB trio, and Hymn and Fuguing Tune #18, for soprano and contrabass saxophones.

Paul Cohen

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